Community Education Lessons

Cooking with Carmel

Tutor Lesson Name Video Link
Carmel Phillips Apple Fudge Cake
Carmel Phillips Peachy Chicken Casserole
Carmel Phillips Crispy Apple Plait
Carmel Phillips Beef Stew Mexican Style
Carmel Phillips Lemon Fluffy Pudding
Carmel Phillips Fish Pie
Carmel Phillips Brownies
Carmel Phillips Lemon Meringue Fridge Cake
Carmel Phillips Chicken & Chickpea Tagine
Carmel Phillips Irish Beef Stew
Carmel Phillips Lemon Curd
Carmel Phillips Salmon Fish Cakes
Carmel Phillips Quick Wok Curry Noodles

Subject: Mince Pie Making

Tutor Lesson Number Video Link
Carmel Phillips 1: What you will need
Carmel Phillips 2: Making the pastry
Carmel Phillips 3: Rolling out and cutting the pastry
Carmel Phillips 4: Rolling out and cutting gluten free pastry

Subject: Water Colour Tutorial with Helen Carey Community Education Tutor

Tutor Lesson Number Video Link
Helen Carey Part 1 : Cloudy Sky Lifting Out
Helen Carey Part 2 : Stormy Sky Lifting Out
Helen Carey Masking Part 1 Using Masking Fluid
Helen Carey Masking Part 2 Using Tape
Helen Carey Texture with Cling Film Part 1
Helen Carey Texture with Cling Film Part 2
Helen Carey Using Salt in Washes Part 1
Helen Carey Using Salt in Washes Part 2
Helen Carey Christmas Card Making  Part 1
Helen Carey Christmas Card Making Part 2
Helen Carey Christmas Card Making Part 3
Helen Carey Christmas Card Making Part 4


Subject: Christmas Cake Making

Tutor Lesson Number Video Link
Carmel Phillips Part 1 – Gathering your Ingredients

Carmel Phillips Part 2-Lining your Tin
Carmel Phillips Part 3-Making and Baking
Carmel Phillips Part 4-Using a Round Tin
Carmel Phillips Part 5- Checking your Cake
Carmel Phillips Part 6-Testing your Cake
Carmel Phillips Part 7-Wrapping and Storing your Cake
Carmel Phillips Part 8- How to make Almond Paste

Carmel Phillips Part 9- 1 of 2- Putting Almond Paste on a Round Cake
Carmel Phillips Part 9 -2 of 2-Putting Almond Paste on a Square Cake

Carmel Phillips Part 10- How to Make Royal Icing and How to Ice your Cake
Carmel Phillips Part 11- How to Pipe Icing
Carmel Phillips The Finished Christmas Cake

Subject: Mindfulness Programme with Sarah Covey

Lesson 1 Introduction to Mindfulness/ How to bring Mindfulness into your daily life Lesson 1 Plan


Introduction to Mindfulness


Mindfulness Journal

Mindfulness Journal mindfulness etb

Video 1: Mindfulness of the Body and Breath

Video 2: Full Body Scan

Lesson 2 Managing Stress and Anxiety Lesson 2 Plan


Managing Stress Doc

Managing Stress etb

Taming the Anxious Mind document

Taming the anxious mind etb

Taming the Anxious Mind worksheet

Taming the anxious mind worksheet etb

Deep Abdominal Breathing Exercise


4-7-8 Breathing


Breath Works


Video 1 : Breathing Anchor Meditation

Lesson 3 Create a Mindful Day Lesson 3 Plan


Mindfulness The 9 Attitudes of Cultivating Mindfulness

Mindfulness the nine attitudes of cultivating mindfulness etb

Create a Mindful Day

Create a mindful day mindfulness etb

Self-Awareness doc

Self-awareness mindfulness etb

Video 1: Yoga Nidra

Video 2: Body Scan

Lesson 4 Positive Mental Health Skills & Self- Care Lesson 4 Plan


A 7-day Self-Care Mindfulness

A 7 day plan for self-care mindfulness etb

Positive Mental Health skills


Self-Care First Aid Kit

Self -care first aid kit mindfulness etb

Self-Care Mindfulness doc

SELF-CARE mindfulness etb

Video 1: Self Compassion Meditation

Video 2 :Body Scan

Lesson 5 Gratitude Lesson 5 Plan


Gratitude Mindfulness Doc


Gratitude Journal

Gratitude Journal mindfulness etb

Loving Kindness

Loving Kindness mindfulness etb

Positive Daily Affirmations

Positive affirmations daily affirmations etb

Positive Affirmations


Video 1: Gratitude Journal

Video 2: Body Scan

Lesson 6 Overcoming Anxiety and Building Resilience Lesson Plan 6


Managing Difficult Emotions doc

Managing difficult emotions mindfulness etb

Overcoming Adversity and Building Resilience doc

Overcoming adversity & building reiliency mindfulness etb

Recognising Stress

Recognising stress mindfulness etb

Stress Management

Stress management mindfulness etb

Video 1: Exploring Difficulties Meditation

Video 2 : Body Scan

Materials needed for Lesson 7 list

Materials required for Lesson seven mindfulness etb

Lesson 7 Creating a Positivity Focus Board Lesson 7 Plan


Creating a Positivity/Focus board


Mindful Colouring

Mindful colouring mindfulness etb

Video 1: Creativity through Mindfulness

Lesson 8 Mindful Stretching Sequence Lesson 8 Plan


Introduction to Mindful Exercise doc

introduction to Mindful exercise etb

Mindful Stretching

mindful stretching mindfulness etb

Video 1: Mindful Stretching Part 1

Video 2: Mindful Stretching Part 2

Video 3: Mindful Stretching Part 3

Video 4: Mindful Stretching Part 4

Lesson 9 Mindfulness Action Plan and Other Resources Lesson 9 Plan


Further Resources doc

Further resources mindfulness etb

Mindfulness Action Plan doc

Mindfulness action plan intro page etb

Mindfulness First Aid Kit

Mindfulness first aid kit mindfulness etb

Daily Mindfulness Plan

My daily mindfulness plan mindfulness etb

Mental Health Daily Plan

My mental health daily plan mindfulness etb

Video 1: Mindfulness of the Body & Breath

Video 2: Body Scan


Subject: Getting to Know Your Garden

Tutor Lesson Number Video Link
Marian Clarke Pricking out Seedlings
Marian Clarke Seed Sowing
Marian Clarke Taking Softwood Cuttings

Subject: Ukulele

Tutor Lesson Number Video Link
Barry Quinn #4
Barry Quinn` #3
Barry Quinn #2
Barry Quinn #1

Subject: Cookery / Baking

Tutor Lesson Name Video Link
Carmel Phillips Brown Bread
Carmel Phillips Fruit Load
Carmel Phillips Fruit Scones
Carmel Phillips Welsh Cheese Cake
Carmel Phillips Rhubarb Tart
Carmel Phillips Spaghetti Bolognese
Carmel Phillips Chilli
Carmel Phillips Almond Slices
Carmel Phillips Short Crust Pastry
Carmel Phillips Cupcakes
Carmel Phillips Chocolate Chip Cookies
Carmel Phillips Frittita Making
Carmel Phillips Tiramisu
Carmel Phillips Portuguese Custard Tarts
Carmel Phillips Chicken Curry
Carmel Phillips Homemade Burgers
Carmel Phillips Malteser Cheesecake
Carmel Phillips Shepards Pie/Cottage Pie
Carmel Phillips Rhubarb Sponge
Carmel Phillips Homemade Pizza
Carmel Phillips Chicken Pascal
Carmel Phillips Quiche
Carmel Philips Healthy Breakfast Bars
Carmel Phillips Ginger Cake
Carmel Phillips Lemon and Blueberry Squares
Carmel Phillips Chicken Kiev
Carmel Phillips Chicken Goujons
Carmel Phillips Mango Salsa with a Thai Twist
Carmel Phillips Oaties
Carmel Phillips Coconut Buns
Carmel Phillips Salmon
Carmel Phillips Thai Beef and Mango Salad


Subject: Bushcraft /Outdoor Skills

Tutor Lesson Name Video Link
Albert Nolan Beetle Trap Tutorial
Albert Nolan How to Collect Water from Trees
Albert Nolan Insect Safari Activity Sheet Insect Safari


Subject: Fitness

Tutor Lesson Number Video Link
Bridget O’Dwyer #1
Bridget O’Dwyer #2 (Lower Body)
Bridget O’Dwyer #3
Bridget O’Dwyer #4
Bridget O’Dwyer #5
Bridget O’Dwyer #6 Core Exercises
Bridget O’Dwyer #7
Harley Barnes Low Impact at Home Workout


Subject: Photography

Tutor Lesson Name Video Link
Michael Molamphy Photography Composition


Subject: Art/Crafts

Tutor Lesson Name Video Link
Cher Quinlan Easter Egg Craft
Cher Quinlan Spring Jar Craft
Cher Quinlan Garden Stone Craft
Cher Quinlan Candle Craft
Mary O’Connor Yarn Doll
Mary O’Connor St. Brigids Cross Making
Mary O’Connor Flower Making
Geraldine Wisdom Salt Dough Salt Dough Recipe G.W.
Melissa Somerville Ryan How to Sew a Face Mask How to Sew a Face Mask
Melissa Somerville Ryan Community Art Challenge Week 1 Challenge No1. Paint any image on text page TETB & KBRFC
Geraldine Wisdom St. Brigid’s Cross Making
Mary O’Connor God’s Eye or Ojo de Dios
Mary O’Connor Mandala
Mary O’Connor Macramé Keyring Making
Mary O’Connor God’s Eye or Ojo de Dios
Cher Quinlan Squishy Soap Making
Cher Quinlan Tin Can Lantern Making
Cher Quinlan Candle Engraving
Cher Quinlan Stone Cottage Craft
Cher Quinlan Stepping Stone Craft
Cher Quinlan Mushroom Cement Craft
Cher Quinlan Memo Board Making
Mary O’ Connor Origami Star Making


Subject: Relaxation / Mindfulness

Tutor Lesson Name/Number Video Link
Donal Quirke Easy Yoga Lesson 1
Donal Quirke 4 x 4 Breath Practice
Donal Quirke Yoga Movement for the Upper Body and Shoulders
Donal  Quirke Seated Yoga
Deirdre Brady Yoga Nidra Meditation
Deirdre Brady Guided Body Scan
Deirdre Brady Introduction to Mindfulness Part 1
Deirdre Brady Introduction to Mindfulness Part 2
Deirdre Brady Introduction to Mindfulness Part 3
Donal Quirke Gentle Yoga- 40 Minute Session
Donal Quirke 20 Minute Easy Yoga
Donal Quirke 60 Minute Beginners Level Yoga


Subject: Reading/Stories

Tutor Lesson Name/Number Video Link
Mary O’Connor Preparing for the Stations by Alice Taylor
Mary O’Connor The Priests Soul by Lady Wilde
Mary O’Connor The Nightingale and the Rose by Oscar Wilde
Mary O’Connor Evaline by James Joyce
Mary O’Connor The Piper and the Puca by Douglas Hyde
Mary O’Connor The Orange Man or The Honest Boy and the Thief by Maria Edgeworth
Mary O’Connor The Thief by Patrick Pierce
Mary O’Connor 6th August 1968 by Mae Leonard
Mary O’Connor Thanks for the memories Tom Dooley by Mary Weld
Mary O’Connor Still Wild, Still Free by Mary Pooley
Mary O’Connor Be The Change by Barbara Scully
Mary O’Connor A Triumph for Freedom in Dublin and South Africa by Liam Power
Mary O’Connor The Start of a New Life in Ireland’ by Bernadette Buda
Mary O’Connor The Legend of Bottlehill an Irish Folklore Tale
Mary O’Connor From Twenty five Years Reminiscences 1913 by Katherine Tynan
Mary O’Connor Miss Brown, Miss Blonde and Miss Pleasant, an Irish Folklore Tale – The Irish Cinderella
Mary O’Connor I’ve hardly slept at all by Trevor Byrne
Mary O’Connor Let there be Light by Maura Flynn from Westport
Mary O’Connor The Games We Play by Pauline Clooney from Newbridge
Mary O’Connor The Wake by Patricia Carr from Fanad
Mary O’ Connor The Will by Mary Lavin
Mary O’ Connor Three Lambs by Liam O’ Flaherty
Mary O Connor The Poteen Maker by Michael McLaverty
Mary O Connor My Oedius Complex by Frank O’ Connor

Subject: Sustainability at Home

Tutor Lesson Name/Number Video Link
Maire Shanahan #1 Regrowing lettuce
Maire Shanahan #2 Extending the shelf life of fruit and vegetables
Maire Shanahan #3 Growing garlic from a clove
Maire Shanahan #4 Making your own surface cleaner
Maire Shanahan #5 Separating plants and herbs