About Us

Who we are

Tipperary Education and Training Board (ETB) is one of 16 ETBs established under the Education and Training Boards Act 2013. The introduction of this legislation in 2013 saw both North Tipperary Vocational Education Committee and South Tipperary Vocational Education Committee amalgamate to become one Education and Training Board (ETB). Prior to the Education and Training Boards Act, there were 33 VEC’s which were established under the Vocational Education Act 1930 – 2001. The remit of Tipperary Education and Training Board, as the statutory provider of education for the County is the provision of a comprehensive range of quality education programmes to meet the needs of the community we serve. These include Second Level/Post Primary Education, Post Leaving Certificate Programmes, Further Education and  Training Services. In addition, Tipperary ETB plays a significant role in the Strategic Development of the County through a variety of inter-agency programmes.

Registered Charity Number: 20083595

What we do


To provide a quality education and training service, which creates diverse opportunities enabling learners and communities to unlock their potential.


To be a progressive organisation that enriches lives, offering innovative education and training opportunities.

Core valuesGoals

1. Lead the  development of quality provision to meet the education and training needs of learners and the wider community engaging with Tipperary ETB
2. Continue to build an effective and progressive organisation and adhere to best practice in Corporate Governance and Compliance
3. Develop modern, dynamic learning and working environments and embrace innovation and technology in support of learners and staff
4. Communicate and collaborate in an effective manner to reinforce inclusivity and promote our organisation.

Establishment of SOLAS

The Further Education and Training Act 2013 was signed into law in July 2013. The Act provides for the establishment of SOLAS and the dissolution of FÁS. The legislation also provides for the gradual transfer of FÁS training centres and training staff to the newly formed Education and Training Boards. SOLAS was established on 27 October 2013, bringing about the dissolution of FÁS. SOLAS will work with the ETBs to support the development of appropriate further education and training programmes and curricula and the sourcing of further education and training interventions from the private, public and not for profit sector. Tipperary Education and Training Board formally assumed responsibility for the training function in Tipperary on 28th March, 2016.

General Information

Education and Training Boards Ireland (ETBI) (formerly Irish Vocational Education Association) represents the interests, at national level, of Ireland’s sixteen Education and Training Boards (ETBs). As our representative body, ETBI has a diverse range of functions which at all times seeks to protect, promote and enhance the interests of vocational education and training within the wider education sector and the country at large. For further information visit www.etbi.ie.