Documented Approach to Quality Assurance

Tipperary ETB is striving to develop a quality assurance (QA) system that is fully documented to ensure that there are robust, documented policies and procedures in place for the assurance of the quality across provision, services and other related activities.

At present, FET centres have an extensive suite of existing documented quality assurance policies and procedures that are guided by the relevant legacy QA agreements as follows:


Whilst there are commonalities across the four QA systems, their integration, and, furthermore their enhancement will be on going project for Tipperary ETB. All newly revised quality-related policies and procedures will use the QA terminology and definitions noted in TETB’s Glossary of Standard Language for QA Policies and Procedures document to ensure clarity and consistency of the QA language used. As procedures are revised and developed, they will be approved by the appropriate governance bodies, will then be uploaded into the relevant sections of the website and will supersede the existing legacy policies and procedures.

For policies and procedures not yet revised, learners, FET staff and stakeholders can revert to legacy QA agreements above.

The completion of Tipperary ETB’s Executive Self-Evaluation (ESE) in January 2018 has supported the goal to achieve a transparent, robust and fully documented approach to QA by identifying and evaluating the areas of quality assurance that required attention, including the governance and management of QA. The Quality Improvement Plan (QIP) which resulted from this evaluative exercise, provided TETB with a priority roadmap to guide the ETB in meeting its obligations for the establishment and operation of updated internal QA procedures. Quality improvement planning will ongoing and annual, and, as Self-Evaluation Reports and Quality Improvement Reports are finalised they will be published here: