Tipperary ETB Board

Tipperary ETB Board 2023
Pictured above are members of the Tipperary ETB Board, taken at a board meeting in February 2023.
Back row (L to R): Ms Marie Maher; Ms Virginia O’Dowd; Ms Josephine Chamney; Cllr Pat English; Cllr Phyll Bugler; Cllr Fiona Bonfield; Cllr Anne Marie Ryan Shiner; Mr Eddie Morrissey; Ms Josephine Cahill; Mr Declan Kinsella.
Front row (L to R): Mr Michael Power; Cllr Máirin McGrath; Cllr Mary Hanna Hourigan (Chairperson); Ms Bernadette Cullen (Chief Executive); Cllr Roger Kennedy; Ms Anna Tuohy Halligan.
Absent from photo: Cllr Shane Lee; Cllr Kieran Bourke; Mr Gavin Berry; Cllr Mark Fitzgerald; Cllr Declan Burgess; Cllr Michael Anglim.
Photo: Odhran Ducie


In accordance with the provisions of the Education and Training Boards Act 2013, Tipperary Education and Training Board was formed in July 2013.  Tipperary Education and Training Board has successfully completed its first ‘term of office’ 2014 – 2019 and we are now commencing our second ‘term of office’ 2019 – 2024.

ETBs comprise of 21 members:- 12 local authority elected members, 2 elected staff members, 2 appointed parents’ nominees and 5 appointed members from bodies who in the opinion of the Minister have a special interest in or knowledge of education and training: at least one community/business interest nominee must be drawn from business, industry and employers; one must be drawn from learners’ representative bodies and one must be nominated by bodies established to represent persons engaged in the management of, or leadership in, recognised schools.  There is also provision for up to 2 members to be drawn from other bodies with an interest in education but which are not within the 3 designated categories outlined above.

Tipperary Education and Training Board Members 2019 – 2024

Local Authority Members Cllr. Fiona Bonfield
Cllr. Siobhán Ambrose
Cllr. Mark Fitzgerald
Cllr. Mary Hanna Hourigan (Chair)
Cllr. Roger Kennedy (Deputy Chair)
Cllr. Pat English
Cllr. Máirín McGrath
Cllr. Anne Marie Ryan (Shiner)
Cllr. Shane Lee
Cllr. Michael Anglim
Cllr. Phyll Bugler
Cllr. Declan Burgess


Staff Elected Members Ms. Josephine Cahill
Mr. Gavin Berry


Parents’ Appointed nominees Mr. Declan Kinsella
Ms.Marie Maher


Bodies Representative of Business, Industry & Employers Ms. Josephine Chamney
Bodies Representative of Learners Ms. Anna Touhy-Halligan
Bodies Representative of persons engaged in the management of, or leadership in recognised Schools Mr. Eddie Morrissey


2 members from the above bodies + Bodies which are not in the 3 designated categories:                          Ms. Virginia O’Dowd
Mr. Michael Power

Minutes of Tipperary ETB Board Meetings 

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12.12.2023 13.12.2022 2021_12_14 2020_12_15 2019_12_10 2018_12_11  2017_12_12 2016_12_06 2015.12.01 2014_12_16
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05.09.2023 06.09.2022 2021_10_21 2020_06_09 2019_09_10 2018_09_24 2017_09_05 2016_09_06 2015.09.08 2014_09_23
11.07.2023 24.05.2022 2021_09_07 2020_05_19 2019_07_19 2nd Post Election Meeting 2018_09_04 2017_06_13 2016_06_07  2015.06.09
23.05.2023 29.03.2022 2021_05_25 2020_03_24 2019_07_19 1st Post Election Meeting  2018_06_12  2017_04_04 2016_04_12 2015.04.14
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