Information and Data Management

Programme and Learner Support System (PLSS) 

PLSS is Tipperary Education and Training Board’s (TETB’s) main information and data management system designed to manage course scheduling through the national course calendar (NCC), learner applications and data, funding applications, evaluation and reporting.

Courses scheduled on the NCC can be accessed through

A range of information storage/document repository systems are also in place, both to address current and future as well as legacy needs.


A dedicated FET QA Sharepoint space was launched in 2020 which hosts all quality-related documentation, news and communications for access by internal FET TETB staff.  This space is part of a wider organisational Sharepoint space that is planned for development and rollout into 2021 and onwards.


TETB’s website is home to a large amount of information relating to TETB including its QA policies and procedures, schools, centres, programmes and courses .

Data Protection & Freedom of Information

TETB has a unit dedicated to corporate governance which includes responsibility for oversight of data protection, freedom of information and risk management.

Data protection policies and procedures are continuously kept under review to comply with relevant legislation. In relation to security, access to databases is by named and authorised personnel only for the purposes of entering data in local centres and for reporting as appropriate at local centres or centrally within TETB.  For more information on data protection within TETB, please click here

TETB’s Freedom of Information policies and procedures comply with legislation and learners are informed of their right to request any data pertaining to them. For more information on freedom of information click here

TETB recognises the volume of potential data sources available to support FET services and further acknowledges the role of data for  strategic planning. Greater analysis of this data in the future is undoubtedly needed and TETB intends to explore ways to improve this. This continues to be an action on TETB’s annual improvement plans.