Community Education Courses

The Community Education Service supports local community groups across Tipperary Education & Training Board (ETB) to create and access learning opportunities in their own local community. As the course content is organised in partnership with community group, tutor & learners all courses are therefore unique.Please therefore bear in mind what is listed below is not a menu of courses that you can choose to do – instead it is a sample of courses that existing community education groups have created in response their own local needs.If you are interested in accessing a community education course for your group or if you need more general information Contact Deborah Ryan at 067 31845 or Veronica Crowe at 052 6126269.

Wood-Turning is a very enjoyable craft and offers the opportunity to make a range of wooden pieces such as candlestick holders, egg cups etc. Therefore undertaking a wood turning course in its own right will teach you the fundamental wood-turning basics. However the aim of a wood turning course for one of our community education groups was set up to engage parents in adult learning activities with a view to building up relationships with between a primary school and this group of parents.

community_musicCommunity Music, A Community Music project will enrich your life. Begin the musical journey of discovery with all your group members today!Engage a community musician to develop your groups musical abilities so that you can express your talents as well as realising a community music project from inception to ‘production’ and execution.
A community music course will be designed to give your group a solid foundation in the fundamental concepts that you will need to play or sing and present this work within community or public settings.
personal_developmentPersonal Development is a lifelong process. Doing a course in personal development is very good way to help you to assess skills and qualities, consider your personal aims in life and set goals in order to realise your potential.A course in personal development is a very good way to step back into adult education too as it will provide you with a supportive learning environment to look at your own life and how you can put supports in place to help your overall well being in many aspects of your life. Undertaking a course in personal development within a group can have a very positive and real impact on how we feel about ourselves, our family and community.
sewingSewing – A Stitch in Time…….Community education groups have decided that in order to engage adults who might not automatically think about a return to learning need a course that is fun, practical and is a life skill.  Centre stage in creating this environment is a range of crafts and Sewing is one of these. An Introductory course in Sewing can offer participants the basic clothing construction skills, pressing equipment, textiles, techniques for constructing edge finishes, and basic project construction techniques. Most community groups that have undertaken an Introduction to Sewing Course have created a collective piece of craft work for the community (i.e. a banner donated to a local community group or created craft items for sale for a local charity). rushworkOn first glance Rush Work can motivate your creative side but this course can also be used to develop and support a local community project. The joint actions of a group creating a community rush work item for a local community festival or event can start the process of awakening community members in broader community development issues. There is both a great sense of achievement and reward to the local community when local adult education groups support local community development initiatives with rush work pieces. Starting in this course will facilitate you to see and engage in the wider community in which you live. basic computersComputer Basics e.g. design a poster or newsletter for your community group
Are you new to using computers? Are you new to  using word or publisher ? When it comes to learning today’s technology, a computer basics course for all you community groups needs has all the basic concepts covered. So if you wish to create a newsletter or poster highlighting your community groups activities this course will help. We have laptops and all the equipment you need to get you started.
 community ArtCommunity Art
Community art tutors can engage and collaborate with different community groups where there are social, cultural or environmental issues to be addressed. Our tutor will work with your group to facilitate a local creative project with your group through an art medium A community art project will involve many of the following aspects; group discussion, facilitation, project planning, critical thinking skills and community development as well as an art dimension.
 wood_craftWood Craft
Wood craft offers learners a unique opportunity to learn the skills of using hand tools to create a simple wooden piece. Groups that successfully complete this module will have learned how to handle woodwork tools and equipment safely, develop an awareness of the need for planning and design, develop the basic skills necessary to make a simple woodcraft items
 ICS_skillsThe European Computer Driving Licence, ECDL establishes a standard for everyone who uses a computer in either a professional or personal capacity. It is a certificate that verifies competence in computer use, making the holder readily mobile within Ireland and internationally. The ECDL certification is recognised by a number of employers
 committee skillsIntroduction to Committee Skills
This course is designed for Community Education Groups or newly formed Community or Voluntary Organisations. The overall ethos of the course is in accordance with the methodology of community development: empowerment, participation and equality. The Course content includes: Committee Members, Tips about Teamwork, What needs to be on the Agenda, Minutes, Expaining what your committee is about, Self evaluation, Meeting management. 


 craft_coursesRange of Craft Courses facilitating Personal Development
We have a range of art and craft courses from the traditional to the contemporary and many community education groups use these courses to bring adults into the service they provide for the first time. These courses simply offer a wonderful opportunity to learn a new skill, to join a new group, and build up your confidence. 




 community_developmentIntroducing Community Development – The experience and skills of community members is an asset to the identification of problems and their solutions and this course is about assisting and leading local community education groups to assume responsibility for and take control of the direction of their future with the assistance of a facilitator. Part of this course focuses in on critical awareness as a process of making sense of factors external to the community issue – such as systems or policies – through an analysis of issues and information. This course aims to encourage critical thinkers as they are the initiators of community action because they are the innovators.
 organic_400Organic Gardening 
You’ve been trying to eat more organic foods, both to decrease the amount of pesticides you and your family consume, and to help protect the environment from overloading with toxic chemicals. But organics can get a bit expensive, luckily, there’s a way to grow your own delicious, fresh produce, while having fun and learning at the same time – organic gardening! Get into our sustainable living series……
 lino_printA Lino Print is created when a piece of linoleum (either household or special lino you can purchase from an art supply store) has had pieces cut out of it, been inked and been printed onto paper or card. A number of community art projects have hand crafted cards and labels using this medium in order to create bespoke pieces of craft for a local group in needs of supports. willow_craftIntroduction to Willow Craft & Community Willow Structures
Learn how to identify willow type, use the tools for cutting willow and make a willow basket. This course will facilitate group members to make a piece of willow work such as a basket as well as giving the group the opportunity to explore a willow project for the community as part of the course. The community aspect of this course will enable you contribute to a local community project.
Social-Media_400Social media can be used for many things: staying in touch with friends and family, promoting your cause, and keeping up with trending topics and news. Knowing how to use social media is an essential 21st century skill. Find out more with our social media tutorials. community_photographyCommunity As We See It – Introduction to Digital Photography
Upskill in digital photography skills as well as developing a local project capturing your local community with a view to taking a critical eye of your surroundings and of wider community issues. This course offers a brief introduction to the history of photography and visual culture,  basic skills for using a digital camera effectively, how to manipulate and print photographs.  The other element of this course which is facilitated at the outset is the social or community theme for the course. Finally a group exhibition can be organised around the theme in the local community.
Mindfulness_400Mindfulness, Yoga & Health.
Are you worried all the time and feel that your life is out of balance? If so, a course in yoga or mindfulness will help your group. Mindfulness teaches us how to direct our attention to what is happening right here, right now, with an attitude of kindness towards ourselves.  This course can facilitate a journey towards well being for members of a community education group in need of this type support.
Healthy Eating – Introduction Community education offers groups the opportunity to design a course that will enhance cookery skills supporting members to follow a healthier lifestyle. ceramicsCeramics – An Introduction
A basic ceramics course will enable you to get to grips with clay as well as create a small craft piece using your hands. The craft item is then prepared with a glaze and finally kiln dried. There are three techniques that can be used in this process and include using the pinch pot, coil or slab method.
chicken_coopMake your own Chicken Coop  !
This course will enable you to make a basic chicken coop using recycled materials e.g. pallets.  This introductory course will bring you through the basic materials and methods required to build a hen house.
furniture_restorationFurniture Restoration is an age-old craft yet today there is a still a high demand worldwide for skilled furniture. This course will introduce you to the basics of furniture restoration. The course explains the different types of materials, fasteners, adhesives, and tools (hand and power tools) and you will have the opportunity transform an individual piece. The community dimension of this course is provided for by donating or offering the restored items to community or voluntary groups in your local community e.g. book shelves. urban_chicksUrban Chicks !Look no further if you have a general interest in keeping laying hens in your garden or if you are interested in living a bit more of the good life or living more self sufficiently. This introductory course will look at the ins and outs of keeping hens, including the general welfare of your hens as well as the costs of investing into this way of life. The course will also cover the following areas: life as a laying hen, feeding, sourcing hens, and all you need to know about the coop.This course will essentially provide you with all you need to know to get you started in your own back garden. active citizenship Active Citizenship.The idea that learning is for life is not new. Neither is the view that learning to be active citizens is an important aspect of learning for life. Active citizenship means playing an active role in your community. An important part of this role is recognising that you have a say in how things are done. By speaking up you’re often able to make a contribution to how your community is run. Being an active citizen means that you:
Know your rights but also your responsibilities as a member of your community
Are well informed about decisions that you make
Are able to reflect on your own actions and understand how they affect others
Are able to explain your point of view on issues that affect other people.
This course will introduce you to the notion of active citizenship and your role as an active citizen
organicVegProduction_400Introduction to Horticulture.
There is sweet satisfaction in growing your own food and filling your table with delicious, healthy produce. We hope this course will help you in your gardening journey, introduce you to new crops and growing techniques, assist when you have to troubleshoot a problem, and ultimately lead you to bigger, more successful harvests. This course will enable you to grow vegetables at home with your family while also enhancing your knowledge and skills in a supportive learning environment. Growing your own vegetable will also bring you closer to living a sustainable life, not to mention widening your interest in other horticultural activities.
knittingandCrochet_400Knitting & Crochet.
Always wanted to learn and new skill or craft, this may be for you. Knitting and crocheting are both wonderful crafts. Offers you the opportunity to come together with a group of adults to learn the skills in craft work and enjoy the benefits of a community gathering. And while crafting you can explore issues affecting your group or the wider community. Even crochet can be political !
 EntrepreneurEntrepreneurship – An experiential approach 

The main objective of the course is to prepare the learner to engage with business as an entrepreneur and start thinking like one. This course will cover the core concepts of entrepreneurship, by the end of the course participants will have a substantial understanding of entrepreneurial skills which have been facilitated by the tutor. Learners will be taught core entrepreneurial competencies, including business modelling, design thinking and business planning. The specificities of different forms of entrepreneurship will also be emphasised (i.e. social, women, technology, local and eco entrepreneurship). This course is suitable to community education group stakeholders.