Youth Work Team

The Tipperary ETB Youth Work Team, under the auspices of the ETB Act, works to support the provision, co-ordination, administration and assessment of youth work in County Tipperary.

The unit works in partnership with a range of youth work providers including Foróige, Youth Work Ireland Tipperary, Waterford and South Tipperary Community Youth Service, and North Tipperary Leader Partnership. The unit also works in cooperation with a range of other statutory and voluntary agencies.

The Youth Work Teams aims to encourage partnership in the youth work sector and to promote the common goal and purpose of youth work for the benefit of all young people.

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Youth Work Act, 2001

The Youth Work Act, 2001 provides a legal framework for the provision of youth work programmes and services, and gives statutory responsibility at national level to the Minister for Education and Skills, and at local level to ETBs for the development of youth work and it’s co-ordination with other services for young people.

Definition of Youth Work

‘A planned programme of education designed for the purpose of aiding and enhancing the personal and social development of young persons through their voluntary participation, and which is complementary to their formal academic or vocational education and training’

– Youth Work Act, 2001

Education and Training Board – Youth Work Functions

The ETB Act 2013, accords Tipperary Education and Training Board (ETB) the function to ‘support the provision, coordination, administration and assessment of youth work services in its functional area and provide such information as may be requested by the Minister for Children and Youth Affairs in relation to such support’.

Role of the Youth Work Unit

  • Administration of funding to Youth Work Projects
  • Make recommendations on grant applications and project allocations.
  • Administration of Capital funding to the Youth Work Sector in Tipperary
  •  Administration of Local Youth Club Grant Scheme to Volunteer led Youth Clubs
  • Maintain a governance and oversight role over funded projects and clubs on behalf of Tipperary ETB
  • Implementation of the National Quality Standards Framework for Staff led Youth Projects in Tipperary
  • Implementation of the Quality Standards for Volunteer-led Youth Groups
  • Work in partnership with statutory and voluntary sector to support, promote and enhance the development of youth work and other responses that can be a support to young people in Tipperary
  • Work with the Tipperary ETB Youth Work Committee

Tipperary Area – Youth Officer Contact Details

Lorraine Duane
Tipperary Education and Training Board,
Lifelong Learning Service,
Martyrs Road,
Co. Tipperary.
Tel: 00353 67 31845
Mobile: 00353 87 9508048





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