Policies and Procedures

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Annual Leave Policy
Anti Fraud Corruption Policy
Bullying Prevention Policy – Complaint Procedure for ETB Staff
CCTV Policy
CCTV Privacy Notice
Child Protection Policy General Staff
Code of Conduct for TETB Staff
Code of Conduct for TETB Members
Code of Ethics Procedure
Code of Governance
Complaint Procedure 2018
Corporate Procurement Plan
Data Breach Protocol
Data Protection Policy
Dignity at Work Policies
Disciplinary Procedure Non Teaching 010713
Disciplinary Procedures Teachers and Principals (CL 0048_2018)
Excellence in Governance in Risk Management
Flexi Time Policy (revised 19-09-2018)
Further Education and Training Scholarship Policy for Existing Scholarships
Grievance Procedures 2023

Guidelines re Appointment of external members to ETB Audit & Finance Committees
Harassment_Sexual Harassment Prevention Policy – Complaint Procedure for ETB Staff
Information and Communication Technology (ICT) Acceptable Usage Policy
Integrating Literacy and Numeracy Policy for Further Education and Training 2018
Language Scholarship Policy
Language Scheme 2021-2024
Parental Leave Policy
Policy for the Safe Custody of Assets
Plagiarism Code of Practice for Tipperary ETB
Privacy Notice to Students & their Parents & Guardians
Privacy Notice to Employees, Board Members, Committee Member & Volunteers
Policy for Responding to Record Access Requests
Protecting the Confidentiality of Personal Data
Protected Disclosures Act 2014
Protected Disclosures Act 2014 – ETBI Legal Briefing Memo
Protected Disclosures Policy
Procurement Policy and Procedures
Risk Management Policy & Procedure
Recruitment Policy
Records Management Policy
Records Retention Schedule
Scholarship Policy