Incremental Credit for Teachers

Original Scheme 2007

Circular Letter 0029/2007 refers to the Scheme for the Award of Incremental Credit to Teachers at Second Level following the introduction of the Protection of Employees (part-Time Work) Act 2001, specifically:


  1. Previous wholetime-service in Republic of Ireland;
  2. Previous eligible part-time (EPT) service prior to 20/12/01;
  3. Previous pro-rata service from 20/12/01;
  4. Previous fixed-term contract from 20/12/01;
  5. Previous casual and non-casual service from 20/12/01;
  6. Length of Professional Training Increments;
  7. Teaching service in a Member State of the European Union (EU);
  8. Teaching service in a Third Level Institution in an EU Member State;
  9. Teaching service in a private Primary School within the EU;
  10. Teaching service in Non-EU Countries;
  11. Service in a Third Level Institution in a Non-EU State;
  12. Relevant Non-Teaching Experience.

Amendments to the Scheme 2010

Circular Letter 0029/2010 refers to Amendments to Scheme  for the Award of Incremental Credit to Registered Teachers at Second Level, specifically:

  1. Teaching Service with a Private Post-Primary School within the EU, and
  2. Qualified part-time teaching service of 735 hours per year in an approved teaching post in a Vocational, Community or Comprehensive School prior to 1 September 1995.

How to Apply

Please download and complete the Incremental Application Form (see Downloads) and return it with supporting documents to the:

Human Resources Department,  Tipperary ETB Administrative Office, Western Road, Clonmel, Co. Tipperary. E91 CH3