FOI Glossary of Terms

Decision-Maker a staff member within a public body who makes decisions on FOI requests, i.e. who decides whether it is appropriate to release the requested records or not.
Disclosure Log a publicly-available record of the decisions made by a public body in response to FOI requests.
Freedom of Information Act an Act designed to give the public the right of access to records held by public bodies.
FOI (Freedom of Information Request) a written request made under the Freedom of Information Act, usually a request for access to certain records held by a public body.
Information Commissioner the Commissioner, independent of the government, who reviews the implementation of the Freedom of Information Act and can issue decisions on appeals regarding FOI requests.
Publication Scheme a catalogue of the information that a public body routinely makes publicly available.
Public Body an organisation that is funded by the state, in full or in large part. FOI requests can be made to most public bodies.
Record information recorded on any media, including letters, memos, emails, post-its, voice recordings.
Requester the official term for a person who makes an FOI request.