Pensions and Retirement

This information is aimed at any employee of Tipperary Education and Training Board (TETB) who is seeking information relating to his/her pension scheme and/or other pension related matters.

Tipperary ETB adminster a number of pension schemes  for different categories of employees which can be found below . Not all circular letters apply to all staff. As this is a complex area, please contact should you require assistance or advice on pension entitlements.

Superannuation Schemes

Single Public Service Pension Scheme (SPSPS) Members
(for ALL staff employed after 01/01/2013 along with any who have been deemed member of SPSPS as a result of breaks in service)

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Education and Training Board Teachers Superannuation Scheme
(for teachers employed prior to 01/01/2013)

Education Sector Superannuation Scheme  2015
(for ETB staff (other than teachers) employed prior to 01/01/2013)

DES Circular Letters

Cost Neutral Early Retirement Scheme CL Pen 05 05 Cost Neutral Early Retirement

CL Pen 24 05 Supplementary Note to CL Pen 05 05 Cost Netural Early Retirement
Cost Neutral Actuarial Reduction Tables
Grace Period Extension CL 18-2016 Grace Period Extension Teachers
CL 19-2016 Grace Period Extension SNAs
CL 22-2016 – Grace Period Extension ETB Staff
Ill Health Retirement Circular 006-2012 Ill Health Retirement
Notional Service CL 0129 2006 Notional Service
CL 0125 2006 Notional Service
Pension Increases DPER Circular 20-2017 (public service pension increases)
Public Service Pension Reduction (PSPR) Rates DPER Letter of 081215 re PSPR rates
New Entrants (2004) Circular Letter PEN 03-04
New Entrants (2013) – SPSPS Circular 19 of 2012 – Commencement of Single Scheme
Circular 0007 of 2013 – The Single Public Service Pension Scheme for Teachers and Special Needs Assistants
DPER Circular 11 of 2014 – SPSPS Benefits Calculation & Statements for Members
Circular 15 of 2016 Guidance on the application of section 52(6) and (7) of SPSPS
DPER Circular 11-2017 Death in Service under Single Pension Scheme
Compulsory Retirement Age CL 0027_2018 Compulsory Retirement Age
CL 0027 2018 Compulsory Retirement Age – FAQs
Supplementary Pensions Details on Supplementary Pensions

Application Forms

Application for Cost Neutral Early Retirement Benefits Application Form & Notes-Teachers-Cost Neutral Early Retirement Scheme
Application Form & Notes – Staff other than Teachers – Cost Neutral Early Retirement
Application for Retirement Benefits Application Form & Notes – Teachers-Retirement Benefits
Application Form & Notes – Staff other than Teachers-Retirement Benefits
Application for Preserved Benefits  Application Form & Notes -Teachers-Preserved Benefits
 Application Form & Notes – Staff other than Teachers Preserved Benefits
Application for Refund of Pension Contributions Application for Refund of Pension Contributions
Appeal Forms Internal Appeal Form to CE
Appeal Form to DES
Application for Benefits under a Pension Adjustment Order Application Form – Benefits under PAO
Application for Survivors or Childrens Pension Benefits Application Form – Survivors or Children’s Pension Benefits
Quotation Request for Notional Service Purchase   Quotation Request – Teachers – Notional Service Purchase
Quotation Request -Staff other than Teachers – Notional Service Purchase
DES Verification of Service form DES Verification of Service form
Application to work beyond compulsory retirement age  Application to work beyond Compulsory Retirement Age of 65 (CL 0027-2018)
Confirmation of Public Sector Service Confirmation of Public Sector Service form (TETB)
 Confirmation of Public Sector Service form (DES) March 2018
 Transfer of Service from DES (Permission from Staff Member) Issue 1 May 2017
Supplementary Pensions Application Form for Supplementary Pension (TETB)
Explanatory Note for Supplementary Pension
 Supplementary Pension Certificate from DEASP


Forms for Family Law proceedings and ill health retirement to follow


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The purpose of this pensions section is to give a general guide to the pension schemes and does not purport to be a legal interpretation.  Therefore it cannot confer any rights which are not conferred by the superannuation schemes themselves.