Self-Evaluation and Monitoring

QQI Inaugural Review and Tipperary ETB’s Self-Evaluation

TETB’s external quality assurance obligations include a statutory review of quality assurance by QQI, as outlined in the Qualification and Quality Assurance (Education and Training) Act 2012.  The QQI Main Review Visit is scheduled for 7th to 11th February 2022.  In advance of this, TETB has conducted a Self-Evaluation of its Quality Assurance systems and outline findings in a Self-Evaluation Report (see below) . This was submitted on 22nd October, 2021 to QQI.  The function of the Inaugural Review is to inform the future development of quality assurance and enhancement activities within the organisation.

The self-evaluation process was guided by, and overseen by, a TETB Self-Evaluation Steering Group. Terms of Reference for this group can be viewed here.

Self-evaluation is a reflective and critical evaluation completed by the members of the ETB community, including learners, staff at all levels of the organisation, and external stakeholders.

It is the way in which the ETB outlines how effectively it assures and enhances the quality of its teaching, learning and service activities to support the achievement of its strategic goals.

When it is completed effectively, and in an open and inclusive manner, it is one of the most important and valuable components of the review process.

The purposes, scope and methodology for the reviews are outlined in QQI’s Policy for the Inaugural Review of Quality Assurance in Education and Training Boards. The Inaugural Review Schedule, Terms of Reference, Review Handbook and Sectoral Terms of Reference are available below:


Inaugural Review Schedule (Revised February 2021) Review Terms of Reference Review Handbook Sectoral Terms of Reference


Additional Information:

TETB QQI Inaugural Review Self Evaluation Video March 2021


TETB QQI Inaugural Review Self Evaluation Presentation March 2021 v1.0

Self-Evaluation and Quality Improvement Reports

In preparation for the inaugural review by QQI, TETB completed an executive self-evaluation exercise in 2018 to evaluate the governance and management of QA and the effectiveness of QA procedures in TETB. The outcome of this exercise was a report and an improvement plan which set out areas identified for improvements and corresponding timelines.

The production of an annual quality improvement plan and an annual progress report will form a central part of TETB’s quality improvement process. Reports to date, can be found below:

Feedback received from learners is an essential element of the life cycle of a programme within Tipperary ETB (TETB) and may be sought through, for example, written learner evaluations, online surveys, learner testimonials, via tutor feedback and verbal feedback. This feedback is used to inform improvements.

See below for samples of learner feedback received:

Learner complaints is also viewed as an important source of feedback. Learners can make a formal complaint by completing the Learner Complaints Form and submitting to their centre.

Authentication Processes

The authentication processes in TETB provide an opportunity to monitor the effectiveness and implementation of assessment. The results approval process allows for the review of all reports generated during the authentication process. The results approval panel members identify and discuss any issues arising in relation to the reports and make recommendations for improvements or corrective actions. The reports of the results approval panel are available for viewing via SharePoint so that all FET staff can inform themselves of actions/recommendations.

Annually, a review of all certification reports is completed by the QA office. Findings of the IV and EA reports are collated and thematically presented to the QA Steering Group where PD needs and other interventions/plans are agreed and recommended to the QA Governance Group.