Self-Evaluation and Monitoring

Course Reviews

Currently, courses are monitored at centre-level with mid-course and end-of-course evaluations. This allows issues to be identified quickly and to be acted upon and further supports to be put into place, if necessary.

Authentication & Certification Reviews

The results approval process allows for the review of all authentication reports (internal verification and external authenticator) and results approval panel members identify and discuss any issues arising and makes recommendations for improvements or corrective actions.

In addition, an annual review of all assessment-related reports, including feedback received, is completed by the FET QA office. Findings collated are thematically presented to the relevant QA Groups where PD needs and other interventions/plans are agreed.

Statutory Review and Self-evaluation

Tipperary ETB’s external quality assurance obligations include a statutory review of quality assurance by Quality and Qualifications Ireland (QQI).

In 2020-2021,Tipperary ETB conducted a Self-Evaluation of its Quality Assurance systems and outlined its findings in a Self-Evaluation Report.

Self-evaluation is a reflective and critical evaluation completed by the members of the ETB community, including learners, staff at all levels of the organisation, and external stakeholders.

The QQI main review visit took place in February 2022 and followed with their Review Report. The function of this inaugural review was to inform the future development of quality assurance and enhancement activities within the organisation.

Following the review report, Tipperary ETB completed a Follow-up Report (November 2023) against the plan and how it’s addressing the outcomes of the review. Subsequent reporting will be through QQI’s annual and dialogue processes.


Feedback received from learners is an essential element of the life cycle of a programme within Tipperary ETB and may be sought through, for example, written learner evaluations, online surveys, learner testimonials, via tutor feedback and verbal feedback. This feedback is used to inform improvements.

See below for samples of learner feedback received:

Learner complaints is also viewed as an important source of feedback. Learners can make a formal complaint by completing the Learner Complaints Form and submitting to their centre.