Public Information and Communication

Programme and Learner Support System (PLSS) 

PLSS, a national joint initiative between ETBI Education and Training Boards Ireland and SOLAS (the National Further Education and Training Authority), is Tipperary Education and Training Board’s (TETB’s) main information and data management system in the FET sector

PLSS is a suite of software applications designed to provide an integrated approach to the collection and processing of personal data of users of FET programmes funded through SOLAS, and the outputs, outcomes and performance of such programmes.

PLSS provides for the secure sharing, collecting and utilising of data within the FET sector. The system incorporates the National Course Calendar (NCC), the National Programme Database (NPD) and the Funding Allocation Requests and Reporting (FARR) system. Courses scheduled on the NCC can be accessed through

TETB also uses other web-based collaborative platforms that integrate with Microsoft Office such as Sharepoint and Teams.


SharePoint is secure web application for document management and collaboration. TETB’s validated programmes and RAP reports are stored there. These are password protected. The improvement plan for 2019 intends to expand Sharepoint as a staff portal, to enhance the communications of routine information about QA.


Teams is cloud-based team collaboration software that is part of the Office 365 suite of applications. The core capabilities in Microsoft Teams include business messaging, calling, video meetings and file sharing. TETB use it mainly as a communications application, providing dispersed teams with the ability to work together on documentations and share information via a common space.


Tipperay ETB’s (TETB’s) website is home to a large amount of information relating to TETB including its QA policies and procedures, schools, centres programmes and courses.

Social Media

TETB also has a very active social media presence via Facebook, Twitter and a YouTube channel where information is posted daily with a view to engaging with as many people as possible in the locality.

Communications Group

Established in April 2018 as a quality improvement action, the TETB Communications Group is tasked with exploring processes for advertising and promotion of programmes and internal communications.  Suggestions and queries can be directed to

Data Protection & Freedom of Information

TETB has a unit dedicated to corporate governance which includes responsibility for oversight of data protection, freedom of information and risk management.

Data protection policies and procedures are in place and are being continually reviewed to ensure compliance with legislation. Access to databases is by named and authorised personnel only for the purposes of entering data in local centres and for reporting as appropriate at local centres or centrally within TETB.  For more information on data protection within TETB, please click here

TETB has developed Freedom of Information policies and procedures to comply with legislation and learners are informed of their right to request any data pertaining to them. For more information on freedom of information click here

TETB recognises the volume of potential data sources available to support FET services and further acknowledges the role of data for strategic planning. Greater analysis of this data in the future is undoubtedly needed and TETB intends to explore ways to improve this. The FET Senior Management Team commenced this work in 2018. This is an ongoing developmental project.