Two TETB projects shortlisted for AONTAS STAR Awards 2018

January 31, 2018

Congratulations to the two Tipperary Education and Training Adult Learning projects which have been shortlisted for the 12th AONTAS STAR Awards.  The projects and their categories are as follows:

  • Adult Learning Initiatives that promote Wellbeing (Large Organisations): Youthreach, Roscrea
  • Adult Learning Initiatives that promote Wellbeing (Small/Medium Organisations):  “Kickstart Your Way to a Health Lifestyle” (funded by TETB Community Education section)

The quality of nominations was exceptional, resulting in a highly competitive process. An independent panel of judges carried out a detailed review of all the nominations. Shortlisted programmes will have the opportunity to meet with the judging panel at an interview day in February. We wish both projects the best of luck with the the next step in the process  when they met the Judging Panel  on Monday the 5th February in Dublin.

Learners and staff from shortlisted programmes will also be invited to the 12th AONTAS STAR Award ceremony on 5th March in Number 6 Kildare Street Dublin, where the STAR Award winners will be announced.

Best of luck to you all.

Participants involved in the “Kickstart Your Way to A Healthy Lifestyle”.
This programme was funded by Community Education Section of Tipperary Education and Training Board.

Being shortlisted for an AONTAS Star Award for Wellbeing recognises and celebrates the resilience and courage of the staff and students of Roscrea Youthreach in the face of multiple bereavements.  As a group we worked with various creative means to process grief and to grow through it to a place of wellbeing.  We worked with the community on various projects to promote wellbeing in ourselves and in our community.  We could not have done this alone; this shortlisting is also a recognition of the support we were to each other and that we received from our own organisation and from the wider community.



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