Poems from the Excel Writers : Returning to Learning & Working Online

February 25, 2021

A selection of poems written by Tipperary Creative Writing Group. Tutor Patricia McHale , as part of the Adult Learners Festival 2021

Funded by Community Education.

Returning to Learning

When I was a child,

I couldn’t learn,

Afraid of getting things wrong.

But now as an adult,

Returning to learning

Has opened a whole new world.

Betty Ryan © 2021


My Future?

Retirement’s looming…

How will I fill my days?

Friends say, “Relax and enjoy.”

But I want more.

I don’t want to stagnate,

Maybe wither and die.

That’s not my future.


Lifelong learning

Where age is no barrier.

Opportunities to explore

New skills, knowledge, new friends…

That’s my future.

Mary Davis © February 2021


Second Chance


When I was little, I went to school.

I didn’t like it much.

The teacher was quite scary,

With her books and sticks and such!

I didn’t know when I started

I’d be there for many years…

And that getting educated

Sometimes meant lots of tears!


Years later I’m back to learning,

But this time, it’s my choice.

It’s brilliant, it’s great, it’s marvellous,

And the teacher’s very nice!


I’m learning how to create

A short story, novel or play.

And who knows?

If I’m lucky,

I just might be famous

Some day!


Marie Hennessy © 22/  02/  2021

Wipe the slate clean 



Wipe the slate clean 

Dust away the cobwebs 

Pull open the curtains 

And let in the light 


You can start again 

And again 

Tapping in to your potential,

Potential formally missed 


Experience the joy 

Of new knowledge 

And new experience 

Flooding in 


Add it all together 

Subtract what you no longer need 

And all will be more and better 

Better than you could conceive. 


(PH 2020) 



Looking back, it seems not long ago

School books packed on back

Always on the go

Through hail rain and snow

Eager to learn.


Now time and tide has turned

Another stride – and we’re online

Another drum – struggling but doing fine…

Learning new ways to live,

New ways to learn


Nellie Keane © 2021

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