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August 27, 2020

Tipperary Excel Writers has been funded by TETB Community Education programme for a number of years.

When COVID-19 began making its mark on ourselves, our community, our country and our world, some members of Tipperary’s Excel Writers chose to write about their feelings and thoughts in this strange new place where we all find ourselves.

They wanted to share these with the community and Tipperary Mid-West Radio was the ideal place to do this. The group wrote and recorded their own work. This was then forwarded to the radio station, who took it from there, and now their work is ready to be broadcast.

You’ll hear a variety of genres – short stories, poems, diaries and observations. The tones veer from light-hearted frustration to serious consideration to mad-cap humour.

All are examples of our ability to adapt to whatever life brings.

As these were written at the beginning of the pandemic, some will bring you back to that disbelief and confusion which have now become part of our everyday lives.

All will remind you that imagination and creativity are sanctuaries to which we can escape whenever or wherever we are.

Some pieces from our evening writing group with be broadcast on Tipp Mid-West radio starting Monday 31st August until Thursday 03rd September just after the 11.00 am news.

Day Lockdown 2020 Writer / Title
Day 1


31st August

1)       Eleanor Gormally

“Land of the Echiums”


2)       Nellie Keane

“Radio Waves”


3)       Annette Condon

“The Day The World Stopped Turning”


Day 2


1st Sept

1)       Nora Casey

“Lockdown 2020”


2)       Nellie Keane

“Heard It On The Radio”


3)       Eleanor Gormally

“Images, Perspectives & Zoom”


Day 3

Wednesday, 2nd Sept

1)       Nora Casey

“A Trip On The Wild Side During Lockdown”


2)       Nellie Keane

“When You Wish Upon A Star”


3)       Mary-Alice O’Connor

“Lockdown Diary”


4)       Nellie Keane

“That Dance”


5)       Susie Smith

A Shopper’s Lament”

Day 4


3rd Sept


1)       Annette Condon

“Field Of Gold”


2)       Fiona Pilkington



3)       Annette Condon

“Company Keeping”


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