Other Parties involved in Education and Training

Collaborations and Stakeholder Relationships

Tipperary ETB (TETB) has strong working relationships with a diverse range of National and Local key and secondary stakeholders including Solas, QQI, Department of Employment Affairs and Social Protection, Local Authorities, Local Entreprise Boards, Voluntary Bodies, Community Training Centres, Local Training Initiatives, Specialist Training Providers, Contracted Trainers and many more . Further information on this is provided in the Executive Self Evaluation Report (ESER) in Section 8: Collaborations and Stakeholders Relationships.

Quality and Qualifications Ireland (QQI)

An Initial Quality Dialogue Meeting (IQDM) was held between TETB and QQI on 15th November 2017 to explore the development of TETB’s QA infrastructure. This meeting also provided an opportunity for TETB to discuss with QQI directly, matters relating to its own specific operating context.

Subsequently, TETB submitted its ESE Report and QIP to QQI as part of a re-engagement process in January 2018. TETB then attended a Single Purpose Dialogue Meeting on 26th February 2018 to review the documentation submitted and agree next steps with QQI. Further dialogue is planned for the end of 2018 to review and discuss TETB’s progress.

FET Committee

The FET Committee of TETB was established in April 2016 to support the work of the Director of Further Education and Training and her staff. Terms of Reference for the committee were determined by TETB, the acts of this committee are subject to confirmation by the Education and Training Board. TETB’s Further Education and Training Committee hold a minimum of 3 meetings per year. The representatives on the committee are from learners and other education parties eg Adult Learner representatives, Teagasc, DSP, the Community and Voluntary Sector, Limerick Institute of Technology and the Local Entreprise Office.