Templemore College students to benefit from new Film Studio in Limerick City

August 16, 2016

Limerick City and County Council has given its planning approval for the conversion of a former industrial unit near the University of Limerick at Plassey into film studios. The new ‘Troy Studios” will cover about 16,700sq m.

Already a number of film-makers in the US has indicated their willingness to use the new studios. It is estimated that up to 500 people — 350 full-time and 150 part-time will be employed in skills areas such as hair and make-up, digital animation, and film production.

Templemore College of Further Education provides targeted programmes that enable students become job-ready for careers in the film industry including Make-up Artistry, Hairdressing, Digital Media, and Film and TV Production. Noel Colleran Ph.D., principal of the College sees the development of Troy Studios as significant of an appreciation of the durable employment opportunities associated with the film industry. He went on to say ‘I am satisfied that Templemore College is responding to these new opportunities by providing excellent programmes associated with the film industry to ensure our students progress into employment with confidence in their abilities and skills to be successful’. He continued, ‘there may be students who have just completed their leaving cert. or indeed more mature students, who feel that this is the career path for them, and if so there is still a number of places available on these, and other programmes in the College’. A full list of programmes is accessible at www.tcfe.ie.

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