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May 8, 2018

Woman Day 2018

By: Emma Murphy and Leah O Donoghue Transition Year

On the 13th of March the transition year girls from Colaiste Phobal Ros Cré went to Roscrea 2000 where we had our first of our two ‘Woman Days’.

When we arrived in the N.T.L.P. we were welcomed by Deirdre Cahir. We went inside and we met our Chaplin Father Lorcan, Fiona, Valerie and Linda. We all sat around in a circle and the talking began. We discussed what it is like to be a woman, what is expected of women and what constitutes ‘an attractive woman’. At 11 o clock we were treated to a bun and at 1 o clock we had our lunch. The atmosphere was very relaxed and friendly. Everyone was laughing and talking freely throughout the day.

We were all looking forward to our second ‘Woman Day’ which took place on the 10th of April. During the day we spoke about relationships, inspirational women and what advice we would give to first year students. We played a game where each girl took turns to sit in the middle of the room blindfolded and the other girls around her gave her compliments. Everyone realised new positive things about themselves.

Over the two days we believe that every girl took at least one positive thought from the room. The 2 days were filled with positivity and happiness. Everyone was comfortable in the environment and everyone spoke freely. We think that all women and men should experience a day or days like this as we ourselves took many valuable memories and advice from it. On behalf of all the transition year girls we would like to thank all the staff in the N.T.L.P., Linda, Fiona and for making the day extra special and of course to Fr. Lorcan for organising the day.

The transition year girls from Coláiste Phobal Ros Cré enjoying one of their ‘Woman Days’ with their chaplain Father Lorcan Kenny.


Our Coláiste Phobal Athletics Team competed in the County Outdoor Championships on Wednesday 25th April, in Templemore. Under the most challenging of weather conditions and against the top athletes from Tipperary Schools, the school’s Athletics team produced incredible relay and individual performances. Each and every member of the school’s team ran, hurdled, jumped and threw to the very best of their ability and supported their team mates with great enthusiasm.  An incredible total of 20 medals were won. The team brought home 6 individual golds, 6 silvers and 5 bronze with a further gold and 2 silvers won in the relay events.

The Coláiste Phobal Team was as follows:

Alannah Dunford, Khya Lynch, Kelsey Wing and Mollie Dooley,Caoimhe Flannery, Nicole Brooks, Elizabeth O’Keeffe, Orlagh Phelan and Jessica Lally.

Michael Fitzgerald, Dayle O’Meara, John Donovan, Aaron Delahunty, Enda Moore, Aaron Lawlor, Jamie Ryan, Simba Havatitye and the Dooley Brothers – Graham, Kyle and Adam.

Table of events and results:

Name/Age Category Event/Result Event/Result Event/Result Relay/Result
Alannah Dunford 100m – 2nd 4×100 1st
Khya Lynch Shot Put – 2nd 75m Hurdles – 3rd 4×100 1st
Kelsey Wing 100m – 1st 4×100 1st
Mollie Dooley 4×100 1st
Junior Girls    
Caoimhe Flannery 100m Long Jump (DNC) 4×100 (DNC)
Nicole Brooks 75m Hurdles – 2nd High Jump – 2nd 4×100 (DNC)
Elizabeth O’Keeffe Shot
Orlagh Phelan 100m 4×100 (DNC)
Inter Girls    
Jessica Lally Shot – 3rd
Minor Boys   
Graham Dooley Long Jump – 3rd
Michael Fitzgerald Long Jump
Junior Boys   
Kyle Dooley 100m- 1st 4×100 (Inter) – 2nd

4x100m (Snr)- 2nd

Dayle O’Meara High Jump -1st Long Jump -1st 4x100m (Inter)-2nd

4x100m (Snr) – 2nd

John Donovan 100m 4x100m (Inter)-2nd
Aaron Delahunty 800m- 4th Long Jump- 3rd 4x100m (Inter)-2nd
Enda Moore Long Jump 800m
Aaron Lawlor DNC
Jamie Ryan
Simba Havatitye High Jump – 3rd 400m – 2nd 4x100m (Snr) – 2nd
Senior Boys    
Adam Dooley Long Jump – 2nd Triple Jump -1st 100m -1st 4x100m (Snr)- 2nd


5th year student Adam Dooley who won gold in the Senior Boys 100m sprint and gold in the Senior Boys Triple Jump. Adam also came second in the Senior Boys Long Jump and was a member of the Senior Boys 4x100m relay team who brought home silver.
The Coláiste Phobal Ros Cré Intermediate Boys 4x100m relay team who were silver medallists in the competition.
L.R. John Donovan, Kyle Dooley, Aaron Delahunty and Dayle O Meara.
Silver medallist Alannah Dunford (first year) and gold medallist Kelsey Wing (first year) beam with pride following their Minor Girls 100m sprint in the Tipperary Schools Athletics Final. Both girls were also members of the Minor Girls 4x100m relay Team who were gold medallists.
Nicole Brooks (2nd year) who was the silver medallist in the Junior Girls 75m hurdles and silver medallist in the Junior Girls High Jump with Khya Lynch (1st Year) who was silver medallist in the Minor Girls Shot Put and bronze medallist in the Minor Girls 75m hurdles. Khya was a member of the victorious Minor Girls 4x100m relay.
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