Junior Cycle Profile of Achievement Awards at Nenagh College

December 18, 2017

Another First for Nenagh College:

Nenagh College celebrated the achievements of their Junior Cycle Class of 2017 with the presentation of JCPA (Junior Cycle Profile of Achievement) Awards on Thursday last 14th December.

Students at Nenagh College are among the first in Ireland to receive these certificates as they were only officially unveiled by The Minister, Mr. Richard Bruton, on December 12th.

The new Junior Cycle, which has been fully implemented and seamlessly introduced to Nenagh College provides an opportunity, heretofore unavailable in Irish schools, for schools to celebrate students’ talents, skills and personal qualities.

The old format of exam, at the end of third year, merely validated a student’s academic achievement. The new model of assessment paints a far richer picture of the young learners and the Junior Cycle Profile of Achievement enriches the certification of academic results.

The Principal Mr. Damien Kennedy, joined with Year Head, Ms. Joanne Treacy and Junior Cycle Coordinator, Mr. John Johnston in congratulating the students on being the among the first to receive this award and on the vast array of other areas of learning which were evident in the certificates.

The recipients acknowledged the opportunities available to them through the wide and varied extra -curricular activities programme. This enabled each of them to showcase their skills and talents in sports, computers, music, drama and social action programmes, all of which prepare the students for responsible and active citizenship.

The Principal noted that the achievement of the students painted a rich tapestry which clearly depicted the full education experience enjoyed by the students in Nenagh College

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