Borrisokane Community College completes installation of its Dynamic Artwork

March 23, 2015

Circle/Move/Map is an artwork by the artist Joy Gerrard, installation of which in Borrisokane Community College was completed this week. It was funded by the State’s Percent for art scheme.

It comprises a series of highly reflective steel spheres, ranging in size from one metre to ten centimetres, arranged in sculptural groupings in seven locations through the school. The piece is installed in both the interior and exterior of the school. In the main hall the steel spheres are combined with colourful wall mounted panels, which results in a dynamic transformative intervention. Intervening into and accentuating the architectural spaces they occupy, the 160 reflective steel elements draw the eye. The grouping and distribution of the spheres references the passage of students through the school’s buildings each day, and also their passage through education. The cartographic style of arrangement suggests the wider world into which they will move and the application of systematic knowledge to make it comprehensible.

The rounded shape of each individual element of Circle/Move/Map provides multiple reflections of the other spheres, the pupils and teachers and the immediate environment. Globed surfaces suggest the worldwide terrain in which the school, its pupils and educators work.  Their gathered multiplicity suggests many worlds: distinct, yet each reflecting into one another – every mirrored surface situating each sphere within its neighbours. This reflective character means the piece is constantly animated, with the potential to provide its audience with unique perspectival combinations each time they engage with it, proliferating ways of seeing their environment and those within it.  The piece is particularly effective in reflecting the movement of the pupils into and through the school.

The artist also worked on a series of workshops with the school. These included mapping journey’s the students made on an everyday basis, and work shopping the abstract shapes used in the hall installation through colour and form. The management, staff and students are delighted with the artwork and how it enhances and completes the new school building.



Artist Joy Gerrard admires her artwork after its installation was completed  at Borrisokane Community College. This is an external wall of the enclosed courtyard.



Borrisokane Community College internal Artwork by Joy Gerard


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