Governance and Management of Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance Decision-making Fora

Tipperary ETB (TETB) has regard for the statutory structures, functions and responsibilities as set out in the Education and Training Boards Act 2013.

TETB’s FET committee performs its reserved functions. Whilst the FET committee has responsibility for overall strategic input into FET, it is recognised that there is a need for QA-specific governance structures within its own terms of reference. The first graphic below illustrates the micro governance structure of TETB.

Quality Assurance (QA) is an executive function of TETB. The Director of FET reports to the Chief Executive of TETB and is responsible for the delivery of high quality and responsive FET provision and the governance and management of FET.

The FET Senior Management Team (SMT) consists of the Director of FET, Adult Education Officers and the Training Services Manager who meet regularly to plan and manage all FET provision in TETB. For the purposes of FET QA, two members of this FET SMT provide the governance and oversight of the work of the QA working group. It is envisaged that membership of this oversight committee will expand. The other two members of the FET SMT are active members of the QA Working Group and the Programme Approval Committee (PAC). TETB is currently working to redefine and create new QA structures, including terms of reference for these structures. It is expected that this will be finalised and published by December 2018. The second graphic below illustrates the current FET TETB QA governance structures.

Figure 1: micro governance structure of TETB

Figure 2: current QA governance structure of TETB