Supports for Learners

Tipperary ETB (TETB) provide a range of supports for learners to ensure that our programmes and services are accessible to all. To reinforce inclusion for all our learners many colleges, centres, and programmes provide customised learning support including individual/group support, supportive learning technologies and enhanced building design to accommodate people with disabilities.

Teaching, Learning and Assessment Support

On admission to a TETB programme, learners are encouraged to discuss any special needs or disabilities with staff so that the appropriate supports for teaching, learning and assessment can be considered. It is important that learners discuss their needs with centre staff as early as possible.

Study, Learning and Writing

The Referencing Handbook is an essential resource for learners, particularly those studying Level 5 and 6 programmes. This handbook explains the importance of referencing, what plagiarism is and how to go about referencing the various different sources of information that learners use in their written work for assessment purposes.

The Study and Learning Handbook for FET courses is another useful booklet to help learners make the most of their time while studying and also shows learners how to be successful in their studies. This handbook looks at individual learning styles, strengths and weaknesses and provides useful study tips and other supports.

The Academic Writing Handbook for Learners is a useful guide to learners in helping them to develop good academic writing skills which is important for the preparation and presentation of written work for assessment purposes.


The Adult Guidance Service offers information to learners, and the general public, on local and national courses available as well as providing guidance on progression opportunities.  For further information and contact details please click here.

Adult Learning Scheme

The Adult Learning Scheme is a confidential basic adult education service for those whose skills range from very low level literacy skills to those who wish to improve their basic skills and also avail of the opportunity to work towards accreditation at NFQ levels 1, 2 or 3. For further information and contact details please click here.

Grant Information

TETB through their Adult Guidance and Information service provide general information in relation to grants. Please click here for contact information for this service.

Further information can also be found on Department of Employment Affairs and Social Protection website.

Learner Handbook

Individual centres will have learner information about the programme, course, facilities, timetable, assessment etc in the form of a handbook or learner pack.

Currently, TETB is developing a template handbook that will contain key information for all FET learners. It is expected that this will be ready for Sept 2021.