Staff Recruitment, Management and Development

Staff Recruitment

Tipperary ETB’s (TETB) courses are delivered by suitably qualified staff who are recruited in line with TETB’s HR protocols. Currently, TETB is updating its staff recruitment policies and procedures that will be managed by our HR Department in line with nationally agreed policies and procedures.

Continuous Professional Development

TETB takes a proactive approach in encouraging and facilitating teaching staff to participate in professional development activities to update skills, strengthen competencies and collaborate with professional colleagues.

Some of the professional development opportunities include assessment-focused CPD events, CPD delivered by the Further Education Support Service (FESS), access for staff to e-college courses, along with other developmental opportunities encouraged via membership of National Associations and technical groups.

Since the establishment of the QA Office in March 2016, TETB has invested significant time in the professional development of assessment staff in TETB FET centres, including 2nd Provider staff. The following CPD assessment-focused events are delivered by the QA office and the Further Education Support Service for TETB staff :


  • Assessment for QQI Certification for new TETB teachers, tutors and trainers
  • Internal Verification Training
  • External Authentication and Results Approval Process Preparation
  • Results Approval Panel Member Training
  • Feedback and Information sessions following certification
  • In-centre training/development sessions
  • General QA and information sessions for community training, super contractors and evening training tutors
  • Introduction to Developing Learners Academic Writing skills

Further plans for 2019 include a CPD session on marking practice and applying marking schemes.