Learner Appeals

Tipperary ETB (TETB) has an appeals process that enables learners to appeal their assessment result(s) and/or the assessment process, if they are not satisfied with the grade awarded, and/or, if they perceive that there was an irregularity within the assessment process itself. All learner appeals must be made in writing and submitted to their FET centre, within the specified deadlines.

Learners will be provided with more information about the appeals process during their induction and again when final results are issued by the FET centre. The procedure is also available for learners in the ‘Centre Information and Forms’ section below.

The results appeals process is managed by the QA Office who appoint suitably qualified subject-matter experts to review the learner’s assessment evidence. The appeals examiner assigned is independent of the learner’s FET centre.  Appeals in relation to the assessment process are reviewed by an Appeals Committee made up of senior personnel in TETB that are external to the FET centre. The committee will review the learner’s complaint against the relevant QA policies and procedures in order to reach a determination.

Learners will be informed by their FET centre of the outcome of the appeal within an agreed timeline, as indicated in the procedure.

The policy and procedure and associated documentation for FET centres and learners can be found below:

Learner Forms

Centre Information and Forms

The update of this procedure has been informed by ETBI’s Assessment Reference Documents for FET that were published in 2018.