Programmes of Education and Training

Tipperary ETB’s (TETB’s) Programmes 

Course Information

All information on the programmes TETB is offering can be found on the FETCH (Further Education and Training Courses Hub) Courses website. To access this website, please click here.

Validated Programmes

Further education programmes validated by QQI for use in TETB are available for download by TETB staff via a password-protected login on TETB’s QA Sharepoint space. Click here to access.

TETB also delivers programmes leading to QQI compound and minor awards under the Common Awards System (CAS), as well as delivering  programmes leading to non-QQI awards, for example, City and Guilds, CompTIA, CIBTAC, CIDESCO and CISCO.

Information on training programmes is available to the Contracted Training Officer, Assistant Training Services Manager and the QA team in TETB, via the Programme Learner Support System (PLSS). A list of some of the training programmes that are commonly in use in community training and second provision (available for information purposes) can be found here.

Programme Approval and Delivery

All activities relating to the design, development, review, evaluation and approval of programmes is currently overseen in TETB by the Programme Approval Committee (PAC) in conjuction with the FET Senior Management Team.

Further information on the role of the PAC can be found here.

Click here for TETB’s Programme Approval and Delivery Procedure for FET (coming Dec 2020)

QA documentation for TETB internal staff relating to requests to access new programmes and modules can be found on TETB’ QA Sharepoint space.

TETB acknowledges the need to update the programme design,  development, review, evaluation and approval processes, including reviewing the current governance system that oversees same. This is a task included in TETB’s Quality Improvement Plan for 2019 and is also extended in to the 2020 plan . TETB also acknowledges the need to include the management of training programmes in these new processes.