Quality Assurance

The publication of Tipperary Education and Training Board’s (TETB’s) Quality Assurance Procedures is in keeping with TETB’s mission of providing “a quality education and training service, which creates diverse opportunities enabling learners and communities to unlock their potential.” (Statement of Strategy 2018-2020). Our QA procedures are being developed in line with our core values and aim to be inclusive innovative, professional, respectful and transparent.

Goal 1 of our strategy is to lead the development of quality provision to meet the education and training needs of learners and the wider community engaging with Tipperary ETB. The update of existing QA policies and procedures and development of new ones will form the basis of achieving this goal.

Listed below are links to TETB’s 11 core areas of quality assurance where existing and future policies and procedures will be located. Users may wish to revert to legacy QA agreements for information where updated policies and procedures are not yet available.

Covid-19: Update from TETB

07 April 2020: Statement from Chief Executive: Teaching and Learning Continues in TETB

07 April 2020: TETB Contingency Arrangements Quality Assuring Assessment latest update 29th Sept

17 May 2020:  Interim Guidelines Procedures for IV and EA Sept 2020 latest update 29th Sept 2020


  1. Governance and Management of Quality
  2. Documented Approach to Quality Assurance
  3. Programmes of Education and Training
  4. Staff Recruitment, Management and Development
  5. Teaching and Learning
  6. Assessment of Learners
  7. Supports for Learners
  8. Information and Data Management
  9. Public Information and Communication
  10. Other Parties involved in Education and Training
  11. Self-Evaluation, Monitoring and Review


QA Staff Contact Information
Carol O’Donovan QA Officer 052 619 1425 codonovan@tipperaryetb.ie
Trish Power QA Support Officer 052 619 1426 patriciapower@tipperaryetb.ie
Tony Perez QA Support Officer  0504 91142  tperez@tipperaryetb.ie
Deirdre O’Dwyer QA Administration 0504 91144 deirdreodwyer@tipperaryetb.ie