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Tipperary ETB’s agreed quality assurance documentation, including appeals information

Tipperary ETB’s validated programmes

Exemptions: Information on QQI’s process for a learner claiming exemptions

On 6 November 2012, Quality and Qualifications Ireland (QQI) was established as a new integrated agency replacing the Further Education and Training Awards Council, i.e. FETAC, the Higher Education and Training Awards Council, i.e. HETAC, and the National Qualifications Authority of Ireland. It also incorporates the functions of the Irish Universities Quality Board.

QQI is responsible for the external quality assurance of further and higher education and training (including English language provision) and validates programmes and makes awards for certain providers in these sectors.

QQI is also responsible for the maintenance, development and review of the National Framework of Qualifications (NFQ). – See more here .


A QA Forum has been established as the coherent and co-ordinating structure through which ETBI, the 16 ETBs and QQI can work collaboratively on a range of operational, developmental and strategic matters. It provides a framework and mechanisms through which representatives from these bodies can work together and share information.

The QA Forum is chaired by John Fitzgibbons, Director of FET in CETB, ETBI is represented by Marie Gould. QQI is represented by members of QQI’s Provider Relations, Quality Assurance and Qualifications Services departments. Members of the Further Education Support Service (FESS) also provide ongoing support to the work of the QA Forum.

Each of the ETBs has a representative on the forum. For Tipperary ETB, the representative is Carol O’ Donovan, QA Officer TETB.


Tipperary ETB has three quality assurance agreements from its former existence as 2 VECs. As Tipperary ETB works to merge the three legacy quality assurance agreements of North Tipperary VEC and South Tipperary VEC into one new TETB quality assurance agreement, documentation will be posted here for access by those involved in FET provision within the ETB.

A TETB QA working group has been established to work on the development of a new QA system and to deal with other related issues. Membership of this working group is as follows:

As documentation for use across the ETB is agreed, it will be posted here. Currently the following QA related documents have been approved for use in TETB:

General Documentation

TETB Sample Assessment Plan Template – uploaded April 2017
TETB FE Summary Results Sheet (use optional) – updated June 2017
TETB Marking Guidelines
TETB Plagiarism Code Of Practice
TETB Sampling Strategy for IV and EA
TETB List of Signatures Required on Assessment, Authentication and Results Approval Panel Documentation – updated Feb 2017

Internal Verification

TETB Preparation for Internal Verification for the Assessor (use optional) – to be updated
Internal Verification Report Template  – updated Dec 2017
Internal Verification Report with Guidance  Notes – updated Dec 2017

External Authentication

TETB Checklist For Prepration for EA and RAP (use optional) – updated June 2017
TETB EA Contract and Guidelines – updated Dec 2017
TETB External Authenticator Sign-In/Out Record – uploaded Nov 2016
TETB External Authenticator Report Template – updated Nov 2016
TETB List of Trained External Authenticators – updated Jan 2018
TETB Starter Form – uploaded May 2017
TETB EA Claim Form Payroll – updated July 2017
TETB EA Travel and Subsistence Claim Form – uploaded June 2017
TETB EA Cessation Form – uploaded May 2017
PRD10 Form (Pension Related Deduction Employment Declaration) – uploaded April 2017
Payment Procedures for External Authenticators – uploaded June 2017

Results Approval Process

TETB Checklist For Preparation for EA and RAP  (use optional) – updated June 2017
TETB Results Approval Panel Report Template
TETB Results Approval Panel Reports


TETB Summary Chart of Appeals Process – uploaded May 2017
Appeals Process Step-By-Step – updated July 2017
TETB Learner Appeals Application Form – updated May 2017
TETB N10 Learner Appeals Application Form For Completion by Centre – updated Nov 2016
TETB Sample Letter for a Successful Appeal
TETB Sample Letter for an Unsuccessful Appeal

For other QA related documentation, please revert to your VEC specific information/templates etc.