Community Education

What is Community Education?

Community education is outside the formal education sector, with the aims of enhancing learning, fostering empowerment and contributing to civic society. It is located in communities which and the content of the courses are based on the needs of individuals and communities.The community education service facilitates and supports community based adult education classes for a range of groups through the provision of tutor hours in Tipperary.Community education groups and voluntary organisations are invited to apply for this service every November.Priority is given to community education courses that engage individuals and groups who experience particular barriers to participation in adult learning and increase participation in community activity.


Community Education in Action –
n example of good practice

Borrisoleigh community education group started in 2015. This group expressed interest initially in a craft class. This group engaged our basket weaving tutor Hanna Van Aelst with a view to making individual willow baskets. In tandem with the individual needs of group, our tutor facilitated the group through discussion to consider making a sculptural piece of willow that would enhance the community. The group decided that a small sculptural willow piece would meet this objective. So ‘willow bottles’ were created by the group and installed in the community beside the bottle bank in the village.The exploration of the ‘community’ element in this course also supported the development of a horticulture / village enhancement interest group. This group sought further support and then started a course with an interest in creating a living willow structure for the community. The first foray into creation of a living willow structure resulted in the creation of a dome structure, followed by the development of a living willow play area built with an impressive combination of tunnels, willow fences and a spiral. This tunnel structure was created by the community education group with support from students in the local secondary school.As this play area develops, a seating area and a fruit and tree planting area will be developed within the community. This group display a great example of collective advancement over personal advancement- a core principle of community education.Congratulations to all involved to date in this wonderful community education project.
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Please watch this video to see the final tunnel sculpture:


A  Community Education supported project in the Three Drives Family Resource Centre


Is a learner required to pay fees to participate?  If yes please give details

Participants may be charged a nominal fee to assist with ancillary costs e.g. tea/coffee, room rental etc.


How do I access this service?

Contact your local Community Education Service Facilitator, detailed below


Contact Community Education Service

Address: Tipperary ETB,
Lifelong Learning Service,
Martyrs’ Rd.,
Co. Tipperary.
Tipperary ETB,
Western Road,
Co. Tipperary.
Telephone: 00353 67 31845 00353 51 640746
Community Education Facilitator: Deborah Ryan Veronica Crowe
Administrative Support: Margaret Ryan Susan O’Reilly


Application Forms for Community Education Courses 

Click Here for Application for North Tipperary Click Here for Application for South Tipperary



Guidelines for the Community Education Scheme 2017
QQI Tutor Handbook