Paternity Leave

The statutory entitlement to 2 consecutive weeks’ paid Paternity Leave came into effect as from 1st  September 2016.

  • A period of two consecutive weeks paid leave will be available to a relevant parent on the birth/adoption of a child, where the date of birth/date of placement of the child falls on or after 1st September 2016.
  • All staff who wish to avail of this leave are advised that they must apply to Tipperary ETB in writing six weeks in advance of intending to take such leave.
  • Paternity leave must be taken within 26 weeks of the date of the birth.
  • In order to claim Paternity Benefit from the Department of Social Protection Class A PRSI contributors should complete the PB1 form and submit same to the Human Resources Department 6 weeks prior to the commencement date of the period of Paternity Leave. PB2 form will then be completed by the Human Resources Department. Further information is available from the Department of Social Protection website.
Application Process / Notification Requirements
  • The relevant parent must notify their employer of their intention to take paternity leave not less than 6 weeks before the commencement of such leave and provide their employer with the following:
  • In the case of a birth:
    • A copy of the medical certificate from a registered medical practitioner confirming  the expected date of birth of the child concerned, or
    • A copy of the birth certificate where notification is given after the birth.
  • In the case of an adoption:
    •  A declaration/official placement order, or
    • A copy of the placement certificate where notification is given after the date of placement.
  • The relevant parent must complete the Application for Paternity Leave and forward it to Human Resources Department,Tipperary ETB with a copy of the birth certificate / official placement order for the child.

Any further queries in relation to Paternity Leave, please contact:

Human Resources Department (

Name Downloads
Application Form Paternity Leave Application Form
Terms & Conditions of Employment for Registered Teachers in Recognised Primary and Post Primary Schools Paternity Leave Scheme
Circular 0058/2016 Paternity Leave Scheme – SNAs
Circular 0066/2016 Paternity Leave Scheme – for all staff other than persons employed as teachers and SNA’s